FYI: I was doing this entire blog from my Android phone (except header pic, obviously), snatching moments out of my busy life for quick photos. But now I'm trying to at least do the writing on a computer, to reduce the typos. I hate auto-correct with a purple passion!

I am still using my phone for the photos, though. My photo sizes may be erratic, and the quality isn't stellar. I am not a professional blogger, and do not have time for lots of scenic poses with a great camera. I don't even own a great camera!

However, I DO appreciate your continued feedback, even in the absence of photographic artistry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In the Back of my Closet

I know it sounds strange, but I bought a new purse. A gorgeous Coach Campbell hobo, with matching wallet. No worries, I'm not on a "spendy bender"... the purchase was ages ago, when I still had money! But I was so "fried", so exhausted and stressed-out, that I never bothered to switch my stuff around. So this beauty slumbered with my wedding dress, sewing machine, and the stuffed animals I keep for child houseguests for a while.

 photo 2014-11-17 18.11.13_zpsg9vy2l4o.jpg

My Kate Spade wallet (gift from Freeda) has definitely seen better days, so it was time for a new one. The Coach wallet I purchased along with the purse is the same color as the new bag, but I didn't find the right image online to steal. The wallet's side pouch is intended for an iPhone, but my Galaxy S4 is a bit of a snug fit. By the time I can extricate my phone, the caller has reached my voicemail! I use it for my hoard of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons instead. And I keep my scan cards on a keyring attached the the wristlet clip.

There isn't anything wrong with the bag I've been carrying for years... I'm just weary of yet another form of the "black lump". I've mostly used black leather bags throughout my adult life, and they've been decent and practical. But I'm bored to tears!

 photo IMG_20101015_125903_edit0.jpg

I am still keeping this, and may switch my things out from time to time. But in keeping with my wardrobe overhaul, I think my lovely B. Makowski "Mom Bag" needs a rest!

The search was actually for an oxblood color, but I settled on the bordeaux. The color will look great with most of my wardrobe. There is a decent amount of storage space, but that it still looks "neat" without being "over-structured". And it will look great with my new "interview suits"!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Major Image Overhaul

Back to try this blogging thing again... I've really missed the support of my blog-buddies. Hope you all remember me!

I'm still jobless, but picking up a little work here and there. I feel myself preparing for "something"-- I'm not entirely sure "what" yet-- by editing and revamping my wardrobe. So a lot of changes will be forthcoming!

Let's be frank... my "career wardrobe" has been pretty "catch-as-catch-can" for years, with pieces thrown together hoping they would be alright. For this I really have two factors to blame: 1. I do not possess the advanced sewing skills (or the will) necessary to sew my own suits; and 2. The utter neglect of the plus-size fashion industry to make affordable separates, in cuts that work for my body type, and that are polished enough for a traditional professional.... The "traditional professions" including law. (I know that medicine and accounting are on the list, but I can't recall- is engineering in that category as well?)

I recall being utterly dismayed when finding lovely jackets in Lane Bryant during attempts at shopping over the years, only to find that the accompanying pieces were capris. Seriously?! I can't litigate in capris! *curling up into the fetal position* My allergy to all animal-fiber fabrics is another hugely limiting factor.

But like almost every other woman in the Western hemisphere, I am an electronic hoarder on Pinterest. Recently, two items I pinned separately appeared on my home page together:

 photo Screenshot_2014-10-21-10-47-21_zpsdxfvwfcm.png

And I can't get them out of my head! Everything matches, and looks deliberate. And so, so, soooo chic! THAT is what I want to look like... at least as well as I can do for my body size and type. And my pocketbook....

This concept rattled around in my head at the most opportune time for me: Lane Bryant actually has GREAT suit separates and coordinates out this year. *ecstatic dance* And while I'm a bit skint on cash, I do have their charge account. And I absolutely must buy separates rather than actual suits because my top and bottom are NEVER the same size.

"Doesn't it seem somewhat counter-intuitive to buy clothes and shoes when you are broke?", many may ask. Yes... BUT. But much of my previous "career wear" pieces have become shabby and ill-fitting. And it is crucial to polish my professional image to help my chances at improving my situation.

Besides, I'm keeping tags and receipts until they are actually worn. And I've already made some returns/repurchases to get a better price, such as when the item goes on sale. Or a better fit, as I've exchanged a couple of the jackets for a size smaller than initially purchased.

So I present some of my purchases, with the photos taken directly from the Lane Bryant website (with my edits, of course). And I did not buy the shirts shown-- I have a metric ton of shirts, thanks to Freeda's purge pile and my own thrifting and hoarding instincts!

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-15-09-47-54_zpsh1onq6y0.png

The back hem of the jacket hits me in the perfect spot- before it could strain across the hips! No wonder some the of ladies reviewing this on the website complained that it was too short; it's perfect for short-waisted, big-bootied moi!

I am not posting a photo of the trousers because it doesn't come across well, but the pinstripes match the pink and white in the jacket. I wish there were a matching pinstripe jacket, but alas... no.

But I found the same jacket, in suit separates! No ponte knit panels, and the exact same fit as the tweed jacket... I'm in chubby/curvy lawyer clothing heaven:

 photo 2014-11-15 10.25.57_zpsk47fv77s.jpg

They also had these jackets and trousers in a lovely burgundy color... but the trousers are the wrong cut for my shape. They didn't make them in the cut that works for me. C'est la vie.

Another jacket that I could not resist:

 photo Screenshot_2014-11-15-09-47-00_zpsxxnfcdv1.png

I love the contrast of the "rebellious" motorcycle jacket design with the traditional houndstooth pattern. And the fabric is so easy to move in! It's perfect for a long day working in the office.

I'm still debating a few clothing purchases/orders... as to whether they will be returned. That discussion (with photos, of course) will be in a future post.

I've also purchased some shoes (TG for my Bon Ton charge account), and done a major review and editing of the contents of my closet. Although there will be further refinements as I figure out how to get the best use out of what I have.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roller-Coaster Summer

What a weird year... just as I was emerging from near-hibernation, my kayak was stolen. I discussed that in the last post, of course. I was asked to show the replacement kayaks, so they are a bit further down.

First, the two left behind by the scumbag thieves (modeled by Stinky and his little sister):

 photo 2014-11-15 22.04.39_zpsulczvocl.png

My mom's health never fully recovered from last summer, and without going into too much detail... she was in and out of the hospital and a physical rehabilitation facility for much of the summer. I went to the Mitten in June to be there for her hip replacement surgery, but not the subsequent hospitalization for post-op infections, etc.

While I was there, the local paddle shop graciously arranged a demo of several models after a lengthy discussion about the water conditions and how my old kayak handled where I live now. And with a generous gift from my Mother-In-Law, my Precious came home with me:

 photo 2014-11-15 22.00.43_zpswvg783o0.png

And I put her to very good use throughout July and August, and I paddled almost as often as possible.

 photo 2014-11-15 22.01.33_zpswza6fuem.png

I later picked up an inexpensive sit-on-top model to replace "Bud"-- the cheapie we won in a drawing:

 photo IMG_91458288502692_zpsjujttqtf.jpeg

Stinky's buddy really enjoyed the new model!

Shortly thereafter, I picked up a second one of that model because Stinky's middle-sized kid kayak handles horribly, and it's very slow. He's also been shooting up like a weed, and he is getting a bit big for it. My boat-phobic Bestie is giving Stinky's new kayak a try... another convert!

 photo 2014-11-15 21.59.01_zpsab73bnkt.png

At the end of August, I had to put them all away for the winter. I got a call from Freeda that my mom was very ill, and my sisters had called an ambulance. I spent all of September in Michigan, as my mother was in-and-out of the hospital and rehab again. And we were moving my parents from their giant white elephant house to a cosy senior apartment... lots of work!

But Mom is much, much better and more "herself" than I have seen in over a year... so I came back to hearth and home-- rather to my poor neglected husband and household. And promptly got the mother of all sinus infections! I guess my body finally broke down after a month of living like a nomad and snatching naps in hospital rooms.

By the time I recovered, kayak season was over. As is my "sabbatical"... time to get back in the game!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lawyerdoll and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

As you can see by the posting dates, I've taken quite the hiatus from the blogosphere. Not that I didn't miss y'all... I just needed to turn inward for awhile. Which apparently isn't so great for my "external presentation", although my bestie tells me I'm usually well-turned-out when we get together.

I've been doing photos for a week now, because I've wanted to get my blog up and running again. There have been a ton of changes in my life (and wardrobe) over that time, so I've been a bit preoccupied. Which I will get into in a later post. Because yesterday was truly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I rolled out of bed just in time to cover my nakedness and go to my doctor's appointment.

 photo PSX_20140610_011738_zpsojyzheog.jpg

Not glamorous, but the plan was to come home, shower, etc., and try to look more presentable. Yeah... I stayed that way all day. Why?

I came home to see that my two adult kayaks were stolen right from my side yard, where they were leaned against the house. At least the !$#^&!%#!*#!% left the two kid ones.

I'm not going to lie- I bawled like a baby in front of the officer that came to take the report. I've had "Baby" (the blue one) for ten years, and was looking forward to many more years of our mutual love blossoming.

Baby: Gone to Soon 2004-2014

 photo IMG_1373998864362_zpsgkcaxrq1.jpeg

What is really upsetting is that I hadn't taken her out yet this year, and was looking forward to kayaking with my boys this weekend! Argh!

Oh yeah, also had my t!t in a wringer. Yep, I was overdue for my mammogram. At least the gowns were nicer than I usually get in hospitals:

 photo PSX_20140610_014654_zps0zs5wj3q.jpg

There are a few sliver linings. Whoops! I meant to type "silver", but perhaps "sliver" is more apropro? Or not? I'm still moping....

My parents have said they will lend me my dad's kayak for the season, as my mom is not well and he's pretty busy with her for the foreseeable future. I am going back to be there for mom's hip replacement, so I will just bring my roof racks and straps along.

The other development is a real surprise: My Mother-in-Law has decided that she wants to buy me a new kayak, and is sending over a nice chunk of money for me to shop with. It's incredibly generous. So while I can't "replace" my Baby (they don't make her anymore), I'm going to use Dad's kayak (aka "The Banana Boat") during this season while I do some SERIOUS kayak shopping.

We will also have to replace "Bud", the red one my husband and/or friends use. I'm more annoyed than devastated by this loss. He was a cheapie we won in a drawing, and named after the "Budweiser" logo on him. Hubby wants a sit atop one, and my plan had been to buy one this season, and keep Bud around as a spare for extra people. We will still buy the sit atop, but we won't have a spare after all, I suspect.

Who knows? Maybe Baby and/or Bud will turn up....

Tee: Walmart
Yoga pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Crocs

A Two-Outfit Day!

I'm actually in the Mitten, hanging out in the hospital with Mom post-surgery. But I can try to catch up on blogging while I'm here.this should catch me up from two weeks ago, then I can work on last week's lol.

That Friday, I rolled out of bed, headed to a doctor's appointment... intending to go to the gym after:

 photo PSX_20140607_014849_zpsaon0u40z.jpg

Not my best look, with pre-shower gunge on my face:

 photo PSX_20140607_015325_zpsdqlyop4u.jpg

Of course, I wound up running errands and skipping the gym... I do really love these shoes, though. No socks necessary, easy to slip on, comfy step... What's not to love?

 photo PSX_20140607_020159_zpscikocfqt.jpg

After cleaning up a bit, it was karaoke night evening glam time:

 photo PSX_20140607_020742_zpseoccw8n4.jpg

Note to self-- do NOT wear a pushup bra with this top again, it was weird across the chest all night.

I'm disappointed that the greys don't match well in the photo... they looked much better together IRL. 

And I love the drape of these pants:

 photo PSX_20140607_021313_zpsccff9adw.jpg

And my awesome belt I hadn't worn yet:

 photo PSX_20140607_020934_zpstqet3ar9.jpg

With a cheat, because it is too big for my underbust:

 photo PSX_20140607_020834_zpswpccdixn.jpg

Yes, that's a safety pin and a glue dot!

 photo PSX_20140607_021104_zpsw5qfmsud.jpg

Isn't my new jewelry pretty? I'm getting tired of French hook earrings, so I'm trying to get more posts... to have something actually on the earlobe.

And I'm trying to wear more bracelets. I actually bought a tree-branch-shaped stand at Target, and using it for bracelets now. I found some in my jewelry box I had forgotten I had because they've been buried! This one is new, though:

 photo PSX_20140607_021225_zps7kcunvlk.jpg

Yes, I went to my glam evening in Crocs! Mwahuhuh!

 photo PSX_20140607_015540_zpsayvj5htg.jpg

And to wrap this post up, a little more fun with effects:

 photo PSX_20140607_021900_zpscw75ygjl.jpg

With the pic cropped rough above where the chest goes weird, of course!

Gym top and capris: Danskin from Walmart
Jacket: Danskin via Freeda's purge pile
Gym shoes: Naturalizer 360
Sunglasses: Serengeti via Sam's Club
Grey top: via Freeda's purge pile
Pants: Lane Bryant
Belt: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: Premier
Grey shoes: Crocs outlet

Out With Hubby

I'm so annoyed because I'd written a post, and lost it on the Blogger app. Ugh! 

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I got Hubby to actually go out with me TWICE. Given all he's been through, that's kind of a big deal.

One day I ran a bunch of errands, then we went to see the new "X-Men" movie:

  photo PSX_20140605_095353_zps5xqsqf21.jpg

I've got my "no-makeup makeup" aka CC cream and that's it. And my lovely new earrings:

 photo PSX_20140610_012712_zpsloba6bhv.jpg

 photo PSX_20140607_015444_zpsmi7v8wrc.jpg

My HTML isn't cooperating, green sandals above. 

They also came in black, which looked ordinary, and brown/tan... which looked kind of cheap. But the green ones sang to me!

I was particularly impressed when he accompanied my bestie and I to karaoke night:

 photo PSX_20140607_013820_zpsdpbjrxld.jpg

I had some fun with the Photoshop app effects:

  photo PSX_20140607_014310_zpslodjt9s5.jpg

I think it shows how much my bottom pokes out....

But I finally got to break out my awesome new bracelet:

   photo PSX_20140610_012431_zpsx99y2t2w.jpg

I've had the earrings forever though, but they worked well enough with the outfit:

 photo IMG_20101016_181031_edit0.jpg

And here's another new pair of sandals:

 photo PSX_20140610_020442_zpswdjv9tfy.jpg

Hopefully this is a sigh of us (slowly) reconstructing our lives after all the drama!

Green Lantern tee: via Freeda's purge pile
Jeans: Kmart Jacklyn Smith Angel Cut
Gold earrings: World Market
Bracelet: World Market
Stone earrings: art show a million years ago
White tee: Norma Kamali via Freeda's purge pile
Skirt: consignment shop
both pair sandals: Merrell outlet

Long Time... No See!

What can I say? The last year or so has been pretty rough. 

Hubby has been recovering slowly, and essentially spent a year and a half in bed. He's started practicing law again, and is working a little out of the house. And starting to go out a little now and then.

My mom is also having some serious medical issues, which are slow to heal. 

I've mostly been trying to put one foot in front of the other, and hadn't been keeping up with a lot of my activities, including blogging or paying much attention to my appearance, health, etc. I was a zombie, I suppose....

Me and the job parted ways a few months ago, so I'm regrouping while pondering my next step. And I suppose I mostly hibernated over this awful winter. I've focused more on family and a couple close local friends.

I've been going to karaoke nights with my bestie, including last Monday. I told her I was going to stay blogging again, to force me to pay more attention to my appearance. So she took some photos at Denny's pre-karaoke:

 photo PSX_20140603_040939_zpsuwagdfgr.jpg

I really wanted my sandals to show. But cuffing the jeans like this this looks stupid. *sigh*

 photo PSX_20140603_043335_zpsmle9e57g.jpg

Because, seriously? How fabulous are these sandals?

 photo PSX_20140610_020532_zpsgftnf0go.jpg

I love how the ruffle trails down the back:

 photo PSX_20140603_042237_zpsdp3wo0te.jpg

I had a little fun with effects in the Photoshop app:

 photo PSX_20140603_043114_zps5rzea2p7.jpg

I do think this effect shows how nicely the ruffle drapes. 

A twisted-up wash load ruined the color on my jeans, which is rather upsetting. But I'm not buying another pair until I go down a size!

 photo PSX_20140603_043619_zpshhk1x57j.jpg

But isn't this necklace incredible?

 photo PSX_20140610_014619_zpskaittqdz.jpg

So it's nice to be back, even if nobody is reading yet. It's ok, I have a few posts before I catch up!

Top: via Freeda's purge pile
Jeans: Kmart Jacklyn Smith Angel Cut
Sandals: Naturalizer 
Necklace: fifty cents at a flea market!